Some of the curated projects from my presonal projects

The Projects the Can be Highlighted

  1. NLG/ NLU > to provide the concept of transformers - Of few the projects that I explored Natural Language Generation and Understanding are quite interesting - not because of they provides but the techniques which helps us to train on custom models.
  2. Question Answers
  3. Providig the gap based on the market status.
    • based on trend - dailogue
  4. NLP - IDD datasets
    • add count of cars
    • add some thing more
  5. CNN Deep Model
    • Types of Models
    • Tryout Callbacks for getting > Learning rate

Hi my name is Debojyoti Dey, based out of Bangalore,India. Presently I am working as Principal Data Scientist for a multinational company.During my career years I got exposure to work in multiple domains like retail, finance, telecom, customer experience, digital etc. and I found them very interesting to solve.

I have in depth expertise and track record of delivering projects in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence; Spearhead initiatives in areas of solutioning, architechtural design, developing from scratch, rolling out products in productions and sustenance, change management etc.

My current course work:

  • Adv. topics of Statistical Modeling/ Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence modeling
  • Designing Analytical Framework
  • Computation on Distributed Systems - Hadoop and Spark
  • Cloud Computing - AWS and GCP
  • Data Science on Static and Stream Data

Technical Exposure: Python , Tensorflow , Pytorch , AWS - Lambda , Sagemaker, GCP - Deep Learning,SQL , Spark

Curently I am workings for few of the interesting projects which I will share few baseline in this personal blog.